Reaching Romania's Orphans

Rick Beauchamp

image10Dear Pastor,

Greetings and thank for taking the time to read this email.
Below is our DVD presentation on YouTube which shows first hand our ministry in Romania.
We are headed to Romania as both Church Planters as well as working with an established Independent Fundamental Baptist Team of Missionaries to start Cristina’s House.
First, In dealing with the Church Planting there are hundreds of villages in Romania without any kind of gospel witness. The country is made up primarily of Romanian orthodox. This deadly religion covers over 85% of the population and is very similar to Roman Catholicism. These families need to hear the good news of the Gospel that sets mankind free from sin when they receive it.
On Cristina’s House, Currently there are two other missionary families we will be working with. Brother Clayton & Sister Vickie Morris as well as Brother Catalin & Sister Georgiana Stanica. The Morris family have been in Romania non stop for 14 faithful years. They are from Alabama originally. The Stanica family are Romanians. They will be teaching us the language, customs and culture of the land of Romania.
Cristina’s House will be a Christian Children’s Home dedicated to reaching the orphans of Romania. Currently in Romania there is the following:
70,000 orphans
15% of girls as young as 9 being sent out of the country in Human Trafficking.
Orphans are running the streets. They are unloved and unwanted. They beg from sun up to sun down for scraps to eat and monetary donations to where they often get high on with purchasing glue or paint and sniffing it.
There is a great need in Romania. Please watch the video and prayerfully consider allowing my wife and I the opportunity of sharing this ministry with your people. Please allow us to be your voice in Romania in reaching both families and the orphans with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Time is running short. Please help while there’s still time. image3
God bless you for your consideration,
Rick & Karie Beauchamp
Missionaries to Romania